1st A Birmingham Boys' Brigade and 14th Birmingham Girls' Brigade

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Lest We Forget

Members of the 1st A Birmingham Boys' Brigade

We remember those who were prepared to pay the ultimate price,

and give their lives, so that we can live in freedom and peace..

Especially we remember those below who were members of our Company

We remember :

John Sidney Hammond, Royal Navy  Lost with HMS Royal Oak, 14th October 1939

Leonard Ernest Downs, Royal Navy  Lost with HMS Exmouth, 21st January 1940

Harold Kain, Royal Artillery  Died of wounds after Dunkirk, 30th May 1940

Albert Baker, A boy in the company, aged 17  Died of wounds 13th April 1941

Received in a Birmingham air raid two days before

Leslie Humphries, Royal Navy, aged 28  Lost with HMS Gloucester, Crete, 22nd May 1941 

William Joseph Lewis, Royal Air Force, aged 22  Killed in Action, 30th November 1941

Vaughan Allen, Royal Air Force, aged 19  Killed on active service 3rd March 1943

Frederick A Norton, Inns of Court Regiment  Killed on active service, 2nd February 1944

Horace Sherriff, Dorset Regiment, aged 19  Killed in action in France on 'D' Day, 6th June 1944

Cyril Colledge, Dragoon Guards, aged 25  Killed in action in France, 9th August 1944

Herbert J.W.Hyde, Royal Artillery  Killed on active service in Malta 27th December 1944

Lord from our hearts, to Thee we give  thanks for their life-blood shed;

We pray for grace that we may live true to our glorious dead.