Easter Camp 2006

Colwall Village Hall was the venue again for the 1stA's Easter Camp in 2006.  This Year's Saturday adventure was to Clearwell Caves in the Forest of Dean where a tour of the caves and a caving expedition had been booked.  Following a picnic lunch it was time to put on miners helmets and lamps and prepare for a trip into the unknown with our expert guides  After looking at the main caves, which are open to the public and well lit it was onto all fours to climb through small holes into caves lit only by the lamps on our helmets.  In one cave our guide lit a candle and we turned off our lamps to experience the light level the miners had to work in - then the candle was blown out and we discovered what total darkness was like.  An excellent and challenging visit.
Saturday evening activities included kite design, various games and the first part of 'Narnia'.  After prayers a story about the ghost of Clearwell Caves concluded the day.

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On Sunday morning the company went to Colwall Parish Church, St James the Great, where they were welcomed again by the Rector Rev. Prebendary Carl Attwood as "our" Boys' Brigade.   At the end of the service most joined the Seekers in an Easter Egg hunt around the graves in the churchyard while two others distributed Easter eggs to the congregation as they left the service.  (Will they never learn?!!!)  (SEE 2005 CAMP FOR PICTURES)  Turkey lunch with all the trimmings was followed by a long walk to the top of the Worcestershire Beacon again.
On Monday after 'Morning Watch', our short time of worship in St Crispin's - the small chapel attached to the Village Hall, we were pleased to welcome a large number of visitors, including the boys' parents, officer's families, GB Officers and families and other friends.  In the afternoon there was more football on the village green or walking across the fields with the visitors. More games on the evening, the concluding part of 'Narnia' and another 'ghost' story, before turning in.
On Tuesday it was time to test the kite designs and then off to fill bottles with the famous
Malvern water from the spring before setting off for home.